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clOse your eyes..

when you left i lost a part of me
it's still so hard to believe come back baby please cuz we belong together
i tear my heart open, i sew myself shut, my weakness is that i care to much
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[ Thursday
July 14th 2005]
k like i said before, i might update a little over the summer. so far it has very fun. me n kelsey have hungout like 1000000 times but right now shes on vacation for a week. shes coming back saturday tho =] ya we're gunna have 3 sleepovers in a row wen she comes back n we're def. hanging out like all summer long!! haha i love herr to death. ya we've talked on the fone alot since shes gone on vacation. shes called me her usual weird ass 2 AM fone calls haha. its k i still love her. she bought me a present she said =] haha i wanna know wat it is! but ya i think we're gunna hangout like all week wen she comes back n soon go to the beach for a few nights!! i cant fucken wait! other then my kelsey ive hungout with gina alot, gone to the beach n im gunno go with her again! ive hungout with krista n liane alot to! thats good cuz i love them. uh im dying my hair blonde soon, ITS NOT ALL GUNNA LOOK HOW IT USED TO WEN I HAD BLONDE HAIR haha its a different kinda blonde n my hairdresser said it wont make my hair look greasy n nasty like last time. so im excited for that. im also gunna cut my hair shorter then it is now n have like BIG angles. yep. im going to flordia the 5th! ive never been on a plane so im so stoked! ah yes. so im looking foward to kelsey coming back so we can hangout everyday like we did before she went away =] going on vacation with kels. going on vacatioin with gina, n going to flordia. ah summers amazing. everyone look at my xanga, i posted it in last entry, im mostly on that im in love with it haha it tells what ive been doing like day by day. well thats basically all, bye loves ♥
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[ Tuesday
June 28th 2005]
ive changed my mind. this journal isnt on vacation, im DONE with it. i hate livejournal so much! i love xanga tho, juss reading ppl entrys are so interesting there not juss today i did.. blah blah i love blah blah tomorrow im gunna there like about ur life n stuff. i love reading other ppls n im gunna start writing in mine like that. so if you wanna read that stuff im gunna leave my xanga URL at the end of this entry. i hope all of you who read my livejournal will read my xanga, im gunna miss you guys, bye loves ♥

-ya i left 3 cuz im hott like that!
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[ Sunday
June 26th 2005]
THIS JOURNAL IS ON VACATION its summer o5' n that means not spending 10000 hours a day online n on livejournal. so im not gunna update alot anymore. if something exciting happends or i get bored n wanna tell you that then ill update. but for most of the summer im not gunna update. i might update a more in my xanga then livejournal. my xanga username is pr3ppyXkIssez if you wanna read my entries. i hope everyones summer is fun! see you september n a little over vacation! ♥ bye loves
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